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How to Commission your Pet Portrait

My aim is to make the process of commissioning your pet portrait as easy as possible for you.

I want you to enjoy the entire experience!

So that you know what’s involved, I’ve created this easy to follow step-by-step process.

If you require your painting to be completed to a deadline (for example, a birthday or Christmas) I recommend contacting me first to confirm availability to meet that deadline.  It is still a good idea to read through the steps below, as factors such as your reference, number of subjects and size may also determine my availability to complete your portrait within the timeline you require.

If you have any additional queries, please feel free to email me.


Choose your photo and portrait size

Watch your painting

progress and approve

final artwork

Enjoy your original,

custom painting!

Step One

Choose a photo, and contact me to get started!  A great place to start is with a well focused photo of your pet taken in even, natural lighting.  Outside (or by a window) on a cloudy day is often best, as it reduces the risk of overexposure from bright sunlight, or patchy shadows cast across the subject.  You might have that perfect photo where the lighting and the pose all come together, or you might have a range of photos where the pose is preferable in one but the colouring is truer in another.  I can work with you to discuss which photos will work best to create your perfect portrait.

Step Two

Choose a size, I offer a range of sizes for my custom pet portraits, allowing me to cater to different budgets and living situations.  Whilst I offer three  standardised sizes, you may be after something different and I’m happy to tailor a quote to your individual needs - just let me know! Consult my price guide below for more information - prices are in Australian Dollars and based on a simple background with one subject.  Shipping within Australia is included; shipping to other countries worldwide is available and a quote for shipping costs will be provided before confirming your commission order.





Suitable for 1 subject

9” x 12”


+25% per additional subject

max 2 subjects

12” x 16”


+25% per additional subject

max 3 subjects

16” x 22”


Something you may wish to consider is whether or not you would like your portrait to be framed.  The prices above are based on unframed portraits - these come on a custom stretched canvas, sealed with UV resistant varnish, ready to hang.  If you would like me to arrange framing for you, please let me know so we can discuss your options and price points.  Framing comes at an additional cost, but it can really add a beautiful finishing touch to your portrait.  

Step Three

Discuss any deadlines, such as if the commission is required in time for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas.  We will agree on a time frame for the completion of your artwork prior to any payment being taken, and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of your portrait while it is being painted.  Let me know before we start if your portrait is a surprise gift, or if you’re happy for progress photos to be shared on social media during the process.

Step Four

Pay a deposit.  All commissioned portraits require a 50% deposit before work commences.  This deposit guarantees your place on my waiting list.  Once the portrait has been completed and approved, the remainder of payment will be due before the artwork can be sent out or delivered.

Step Five

Watch your painting come to life!  Once I start your custom pet portrait, I’ll keep you updated with progress along the way.  If the commission is a secret gift, these updates will be via email so as not to spoil the surprise.  However, if the commission isn’t a secret, updates will be posted to my social media pages along the way, enabling you to share the experience with friends and family - just tag them in my social media posts and let them share in the enjoyment of the experience!

Progress photos showing the stages of Major’s portrait, from sketch to completed work

Side by side comparison 

showing painting vs photo

Step Six

Enjoy your one of a kind, custom portrait!  Your art work will be carefully packaged and delivered to you complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.  I’d love it if you’d consider providing a review - this helps future clients see what they’re getting when they commission an art work by me.  You can post a review to my Facebook page, or if you prefer you can send me an email and let me know how your experience went.  Don’t forget to tag @jesskerrartist if you’re sharing images of your portrait on social media - it’s always lovely to see where my art lives after it’s left my studio!

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